Tech Tips

Tech Tip 3 Lower Door Hinge Repair

Tech Tip 2 1) Remove Door Hinge from the car.

2) Place door hinge in a vise or use a C-clamp.

3) Apply pressure on the detent arm and the back of hinge and slowly compress the spring.

4) Make sure the roller and shaft is clear of the detent arm.

5) From the bottom, knock the roller and shaft out of the hinge.

6) Insert new roller and shaft (#41611) in the hinge and install the bolt and washer.

Tech Tip 2: Fresh Air Vent Repair

Tech Tip 2 All 64-72 Chevelles without Air Condition have fresh air vents in the kick panels. After 30 years of service they may need to be repaired. We have new cable assemblies and new door seals.

STEP ONE is to get to the fresh air vent door.

STEP TWO is removing the fresh air vent door.

STEP THREE is replacing the door seals.

STEP FOUR is installing the kick panel and cable assembly.

Tech Tip 1: Rebuilding Vent Windows

Tech Tip 1 1. The first thing to rebuilding vent windows is to removing the vent window assembly for the door. The door panel and interior parts of the door must be removed along with the door glass. Unbolt assembly from the door and pull up and turn as the diagram shows (See Figure 1).
2. Disassemble the vent window assembly: held by two Phillips screws, one holds the bottom and the other one holds the top and vent channel in place. Also bend tab back and back off adjusting nut. Pull vent window out of assembly (See Figure 2).
3. Pull out the old vent window weather stripping off the post and off the frame (See Figure 3).
4. Stainless trim can be slid off of the frame and polished (See Figure 4).

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