Tech Tip 2: Fresh Air Vent Repair

All 64-72 Chevelles without Air Condition have fresh air vents in the kick panels. After 30 years of service they may need to be repaired. We have new cable assemblies and new door seals.

• STEP ONE is to get to the fresh air vent door.

Removing Kick Panel for 64-66

1. Remove sill plate and screws securing kick panel and grille to outlet (See Fig. 5-1).

2. Removing kick panel to hinge pillar attaching screw (Fig. 5-1).

3. Slide kick panel rearward disengaging panel from front body hinge pillar pinch-weld flange and remove panel assembly.

4. To install, reverse removal procedure.

Tech Tip 2 - Figure 5-1

Removing Kick Panel for 67-72

1. With a flat-bladed tool (screw driver or equivalent), pry the outlet grille from the assembly (Fig. 5-2).

2. To install, align vent cover on kick panel and press into place.

Tech Tip 2 - Figure 5-2


• STEP TWO is removing the fresh air vent door.

Removing Fresh Air Air Vent Door

1. Disconnect control cable from door (Fig. 5-3).

2. Press down on upper door hinge pin (Fig. 5-3) and remove assembly.

Tech Tip 2 - Figure 5-3


• STEP THREE is replacing the door seals.

Replacing Door Seals

1. Remove rivets with drill bit.

2. Separate both halves of door and remove old seal.

3. Place new door seal between door halves.

4. Rivet door halves together.

5. Install back in door opening (place spring loaded pin at top position).


• STEP FOUR is installing the kick panel and cable assembly.

Install kick panel and cable assembly (Reverse steps 1 & 2)